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Flickr Mapping

June 5, 2011

Flickr Mapping is a concept I generated while researching my thesis.  Due to the nature of the project, the site is not necessarily understood through traditional representational methods. Plans, sections, and elevations are not as effective in describing the site. Rather, it can be documented and analyzed through a series of photographs –or moments in time, similar to Bertolt Brecht’s “Interruption” (Epic Theatre), which is a representation of situations. Photographs are the site. The invention of Flickr has allowed people to post their experiences online for the public. This system allows one to understand the events and practices at Tacheles. Photos joined with techniques such as collage, montage, and cinemetric diagramming describe the site and future architectural interventions. This is an enhanced medium for mapping out actions, behaviors, patterns, overlaps, and circulations.

Flickr Map of Tacheles

Flickr Mapping draws from Walter Benjamin’s writings on montage and phantasmagoria in describing the urban flâneur. It is a physiognomy of the urban landscape representing the urban tableaux. Tacheles is best understood through situations that are played out over time due to its constant programming of events. Flickr allows different perspectives (from various social classes) to be captured, therefore, a collection of these photos describe the site better than traditional architectural standards.

Site Axon

During the design phase the concept reemerged in my representation.  The site axon serves as reference for locating the urbanite’s point of view via renderings.  The pink silhouettes and dashed line display the location of the person and the direction of their gaze and vice versa. Corresponding renderings capture the same moment in time from two vantage points and continues the Flickr montage spirit.

1a (left set of silhouettes)

1b (left set of silhouettes)

2a (right set of silhouettes)

2b (right set of silhouettes)

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