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This blog explores the role of architecture and urbanism in public space.  The social and spatial relationships created through various interventions are of particular interest.  I began this blog as a supplement to my thesis project at Syracuse University School of Architecture (August 2010-May 2011).  Pre and Post documentation of my architectural thesis project are included.

Thesis Contention:      Due to the present global condition, urban environments that do not conform to late-capitalistic desires, have faced the threat of gentrification. Through methods of spatial diplomacy such as Brechtian programmatic pairings, this thesis will allow the existing Kunsthaus Tacheles, which faces a crisis of squatter/artist culture versus private commercial, to coexist in tension with new capital-producing programs forming a social and spatial dialectic.

***Thanks to:  Anda French (Primary Advisor) & Ted Brown (Secondary Advisor)


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